Guruji Mohan – the person Guruji   Mohan   has   rendered   valuable   services   to   mankind.   For many   decades   he   has   worked   as   a   healer   and   has   supported uncountable   numbers   of   people,   both   in   India   and   in   Europe, to overcome their   physical,   mental   and   spiritual   problems.   Science   and   technology   cannot   explain   intuitive   knowledge. The   psychology   of   consciousness   is   the   main   theme   of   Guruji Mohan’s   lectures.   He   talks   with   a   seeker   who   wants   to   get   rid of his sufferings. Guruji   Mohan   tries   to   simplify   the   mystery   of   the   life.   To understand    the    riddle    of    life,    he    explains    how    our    mental modifications   create   worldly   diversities   which   will   come   to their   end   when   mental   modifications   will   stop   to   create   them. Thus,   when   we   begin   to   understand   our   very   self,   we    can   attain   peace.   Guruji    Mohan    belongs    to    the    most    modern    and    creative thinkers     of     today.     Due     to     his     wide     and     well-founded knowledge   of   life   he   can   correlate   his    cognition    with    modern   sciences.   Guruji   tries   to   find   out   the   main   cause   of   suffering   and   to arouse   a   remedy   for   pathological   thoughts   in   the   seeker   which solves all problems of life and death.